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A Camper's Prayer

Anonymous, 19th Century

God of the Hills, grant me thy strength to go back into the cities without faltering,

strength to help my neighbor who has no hills to remember.  

God of the Lake, grant me thy peace and thy restfulness.  

Restfulness to carry the tired one whom I shall meet every day;

content to do small things with a freedom of littleness,

self-control for the unexpected emergency and patience for the wearisome task;

with the deep depths within my soul to bear me through the crowded places,

and the laughter of the sunny waves to brighten cheerless spots in a long winter.  

God of the Stars, may I take back the gift of friendship and love for all.  
Fill me with a great tenderness for the needy person at every turning.  

Grant that in all my perplexities and everyday decisions I may keep an open mind.  

God of the Wilderness, with thy pure winds blow away my pettiness;

with the harsher winds of winter drive away my selfishness and hypocrisy,

fill me with the breath and depth and the height of thy wilderness.  

May I live out the truths which thou has taught me,

in every thought and word and deed.


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